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AviClear - the revolutionary NEW Acne Treatment is here! The world's 1st FDA approved device to treat mild to severe acne.

Over 50 million Americans suffer from acne making it THE most common skin issue yet until now, treatment for acne has been very hit or miss and can often take years to get under control.

Introducing the best Acne Treatment in Denver and Boulder, The AviClear. A first-of-its-kind laser device from Cutera which is the only device on the market cleared by the FDA for the treatment of mild to severe acne for patients 16 years and older. 

Clinical trials for patients on the AviClear treatment program saw over 90% of patients responding to the treatment with over 80% of patients showing at least a 50% acne-clearing improvement after 1 series. 

The AviClear acne treatment is a 3 part procedure, each treatment being done 4 weeks apart and is safe and effective for all skin types.  

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AviClear Acne Treatment in Denver or Boulder, Colorado.

How does this acne treatment work? AviClear produces a unique 1726nm wavelength which is targeted to reach and suppress the sebaceous gland beneath the skin’s surface. By doing so, the sebaceous gland produces much less sebum, which is the oily substance that can flood through the skin, clog up pores and create a vicious cycle of acne episodes and breakouts.

In short, the AviClear targets the actual source of the acne problem in a highly effective, safe and controlled manner. 

Results can be seen quickly on existing acne, and clinical trials have shown future acne issues after the 3-part treatment series are far less frequent and far less intense. 

The AviClear treatment for mild, moderate and sever acne can be done on all skin types! The unique 1726nm wavelength produced by the AviClear does not target pigment, instead, the sebaceous gland itself. The treatment itself is a series of 3 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart and is relatively painless with zero downtime.

Price: $3,000

Number of Session Included: 3

Session Duration: 1hr 15mins (including prep)

Real AviClear Results

AviClear Acne Treatment Before After Denver Boulder 1 AviClear Acne Treatment Before After Denver Boulder 2
AviClear Acne Treatment Before After Denver Boulder 3 AviClear Acne Treatment Before After Denver Boulder 4
AviClear Acne Treatment Before After Denver Boulder 5 AviClear Acne Treatment Before After Denver Boulder 6
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AviClear Acne Treatment FAQ's

What is the treatment like?

AviClear is equipped with exclusive AviCool sapphire skin cooling and sensory controls that maintain the skin’s temperature during treatment for a more comfortable experience.

How many AviClear treatments do I need?

The AviClear treatment is a 3 session treatment package. Each session is done 4 weeks apart.

What to expect after AviClear acne treatment?

This treatment has no downtime! Apart from some slight skin redness and perhaps a mild acne purge post treatment you can go about your day to day without any significant change or discomfort!

Who can NOT have this treatment?

The AviClear is available for use on any skin type, however, you cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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