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Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines with Botox / Dysport.

Prevent wrinkles, erase fine lines and subtly turn back the hands of time with the best Botox and Dysport injections at The Luxe Room, Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Our most popular preventative and anti-aging treatments, Botox and Dysport are versatile injectables that not also erase and prevent wrinkles in the skin, but can also be used to subtly lift brows, highlight lips, soften jawlines, correct facial asymmetries, and even treat excessive sweating. 

Injectable neuromodulators that work by stopping the movement of muscle, Botox and Dysport both prevent and correct wrinkles and lines from forming (or re-forming).

Results are subtle, natural-looking and you’ll start noticing subtle, natural-looking improvements within 24 to 48 hours, but good things come to those who wait. Botox and Dysport’s full #nofilter effect will kick in within 30 days. 

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Our Botox / Dysport Treatments

Prevent and correct signs of aging with Denver Botox and Dysport at The Luxe Room. Both of these injectables are skinfluencer staples due to their ability to prevent and erase wrinkles and fine lines. 

At the hands of The Luxe Room’s skilled nurse injectors, Botox and Dysport can also be used to subtly enhance lips, correct facial asymmetry, slim down jawlines, fix gummy smiles, lift brows, and minimize sweating (with our Denver Hyperhidrosis treatment) —without looking like you’ve had work done.

Both Botox and Dysport are FDA-approved neurotoxins that are injected into the skin and work by temporarily reducing underlying muscle activity that causes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Botox and Dysport procedures have minimal to no downtime, which is a huge plus. All you need to do is follow our simple post care instructions to walk out of The Luxe Room and go about your day without anyone noticing.

Minimal effort. Maximum gorgeousness.

Maintaining your results is easy. Schedule routine treatments in advance and come refresh your Dysport or Botox every 3-4 months.

The best Denver Botox treatment. Botox is the flagship neurotoxin made by Allergan and is the OG product that started it all. Botox treatments in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins can be as quick as a 15 minute appointment with zero down time. 

Price: $13 per unit  (20 unit minimum)

Members Price: $10.60 per unit

Duration: 15-30 minutes

The best Denver Dysport treatment. Dysport is the flagship neurotoxin made by Galderma and is known for kicking in a little quicker than it’s competitor counterpart, Botox.  Dysport treatments in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins can be as quick as a 15 minute appointment with zero down time.

Although price per unit of Dysport looks vastly different from Botox, they are actually priced the same as 3 x Dysport units required to meet 1 unit of Botox 

Price: $4 per unit  (60 unit minimum)

Members Price: $3.20 per unit ($9.60 equivalent to Botox)

Duration: 15-30 minutes

The versatility of neurotoxin allows for some quick and creative treatments that provide huge results to certain areas of the face. 

With only a few units being used in hyper targeted places, Botox and Dysport can create a flip of the lip, raise brows, correct a gummy smile and even limit jaw clenching. 

Price: from $250 with either product

Duration: 15 minutes

Hyperhidrosis is a very common condition that causes excessive sweating. Our Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins Hyperhidrosis treatment consists of a series of Botox injections in the armpit (and sometimes palms of the hands) which reduce the sweat glands ability to produce sweat. Results can be life changing and are noticed within only a few days and can last up to 6 months.

Price: $1000 with either product

Duration: 30 minutes

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Botox / Dysport FAQ's

What is the Botox or Dysport treatment like?

This is a very quick treatment that involves having a few teeny tiny injections to the area needing treatment. When we say ‘20 units’, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean 20 injections!

How many Botox or Dysport treatments do I need?

When recommended doses are given, clients generally only need 1 treatment every 3-6 months.  It’s best to keep up with your regular treatments to avoid the lines from re-forming due to muscle action again.

What to expect after a Botox / Dysport treatment.

A tiny bit of local swelling and redness can happen that generally resolves within an hour.  There is always the possibility of bruising as well which can also depend on current medications, age, and certain disorders.  We’ll do everything we can to prevent bruising for you.

Who can NOT have this treatment?

Anyone pregnant, or people with certain types of nerve or muscle disorders such as ALS, Myesthenia Gravis, or Lambert-Eaton Syndrome.

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Botox – https://www.botoxcosmetic.com/

Dysport – https://www.dysportusa.com/

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