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Achieve the most luscious, hydrated, natural-looking #luxelips with Lip Filler.

The Luxe Room specializes in natural-looking lip filler and we are recognized as the # 1 account for Restylane Kysse in all of Colorado. In fact, at The Luxe Room we do more Restylane Kysse than any other clinic in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Salt Lake City, or any of the other major cities in the entire midwest region! Believe us when we say, your lips are in good hands at TLR.

Using our advanced and proprietary techniques developed TLR owner and lead trainer, Danielle Mathers RN BSN, our experienced aesthetic nurse injectors are all intensively trained in these techniques to create gorgeous, “no one will know” results that enhance your beauty and complement the shape of your face.

Full lips are a cornerstone of a youthful appearance. Whether you’re looking to subtly enhance your lips or want serious but natural-looking fullness, lip filler from The Luxe Room can help you achieve it.

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Our Lip Filler Treatments

Get the pout you’ve been dreaming about with #luxelips lip filler from The Luxe Room. Whether you’re looking for subtle enhancement or juicy volume, our nurse injectors will transform your lips into gorgeous, natural-looking work of art.

Along with adding volume to lips, our skilled nurse injectors use lip filler to correct asymmetry, create balance, enhance cupid’s bows, improve hydration, smooth out lip lines and diminish wrinkles on and around the mouth. 

Lip fillers are made of hyarulonic acid (HA), a naturally-occuring substance that attracts water and holds up to 1,000 times its own weight. When injected into your lips, HA fillers add long-lasting, customizable height, volume, shape and hydration to lips. 

In the world of fillers, lip injections have major lasting power. One lip augmentation provides results that last anywhere from 12-24 months, depending on your body, age, and metabolic rate.

Post-filler downtime is minimal. Most patients experience immediate redness, minor swelling, and tenderness for 24-48 hours, which means you can upgrade your lips and return to your daily routine in one or two days.

The most common amount of lip filler we see applied to lip filler treatments in our Denver, Boulder & Fort Collins locations is a full syringe.

Lip Filler We Use: Restylane Kysse, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne, Restylane-L, Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Vollure

Fun fact: A full syringe of filler is roughly the same volume as a blueberry!

Price: $799

Price with Nurse Danielle Mathers: $899

Duration: 60 minutes

Sometime a half is all you need! Whether you are just dipping your toe in to the world of lip filler for the first time or coming back for a touch up plump, a half-syringe of lip filler may be the perfect fit for you lip goals. 

Price: $599

Price with Danielle Mathers: $699

Duration: 45 minutes

The lip flip is not actually done with filler! It is achieved by using a small amount of neurotoxin such as Botox or Dysport.

Price: $250

Duration: 15 minutes

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We understand you have a many choices when it comes to aesthetic clinics and med spas in Colorado and sincerely thank you for considering us in your decision. We welcome you to check out our extensive gallery of before and after results and of course, all of our Google reviews before making your choice. We hope to be of service to you soon.

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Lip Filler FAQ's

What is a lip filler treatment like?

For lip filler treatments in Denver, Boulder or Fort Collins, we will generally numb the area to be treated prior to making any lip injections.  This leaves for a surprisingly easy treatment to tolerate. Another plus, most lip fillers actually contain lidocaine which is a great numbing agent! Once numb, the treatment itself takes about 15-20 minutes. You will be swollen afterwards but the main swelling generally subsides in 48 hours, and ALL swelling generally subsides by one week. 

How much lip filler will I need?

This is different for everyone but for most it is either a half syringe or a full syringe of lip filler, usually the full syringe. Your Denver injector or Boulder / Fort Collins injector will be able to advise the best amount of filler for you based on your natural lip goals and overall aesthetic balance of your features.

It can also depend on what ‘canvas’ we’re starting out with.  Most of the time, we do the treatment in 1 session. But, for example, if we’re starting out with very thin lips, we may divide the dermal filler treatment into at least 2 sessions giving the lips time to slowly build which leads to a MUCH more natural look. Also, if you already have larger lips or if your lips are very dehydrated/wrinkled, you may even need two or more syringes which is done over two or more sessions (usually 1+ months apart) to get the result you’re wanting. Patience, grasshopper.

What can I expect after a Lip Filler treatment?

Common side effects are slight redness at the injection site, bruising, and swelling. With the swelling, you can expect the main swelling to generally subside in 48 hours, then ALL swelling is generally gone by one week.

What is the aftercare for Lip Filler?

After your treatment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • DON’T TOUCH the treated area for 6 hours! We don’t want any infections.
  • No applying any product (like makeup or lip product) the rest of the day of treatment. Again – infection risk!
  • You can use a clean ice pack wrapped in gauze after your treatment – keep the ice pack wrapped (you’ll be numb so won’t feel how cold it is) and apply for up to 15 minutes every hour the day of the treatment. This will help minimize bruising and swelling.
  • No exercise or intense heat for the rest of the day of your treatment.
  • Don’t plan on doing invasive dental work for 2 weeks post filler unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t have any laser or invasive treatments to the area where the filler was placed for 4 weeks post treatment.
  • Do not use any lip suction/plumper device if there is any dermal filler in the lips! (hopefully that trend is out the door by now!)
  • It’s normal to start feeling tender in the areas treated shortly after. This can last for a few days but should keep improving. Tylenol is the best thing to take for this (Advil or other NSAIDS can increase your risk of bruising even after treatment, but are completely safe to take if you prefer!)
  • It’s normal to have quite a bit of swelling. This is usually most noticeable the night of and the day after your treatment. Ice packs and sleeping at a 20-30 degree angle will help improve swelling.
Who can NOT have this treatment?

Anyone pregnant/breastfeeding, anyone who’s had dental work done in the past two weeks (like tooth removal or implants), anyone who has had any vaccines in the past two weeks, or anyone who currently has any type of active infection or illness. 

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