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Company Policies

Cancellation Policy
We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for any appointment cancellation to allow time to reallocate your appointment to another client. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, or fail to attend a booked appointment, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $100. Or in the case of prepaid treatments, the treatment will be forfeited.

Photo ID Policy
We are required to keep an updated copy of the patient’s ID on their patient file. This copy must be taken on arrival prior to treatment upon the patient’s first appointment. If a patient has reason to not keep a copy of the ID on file, a staff member of The Luxe Room must visually verify the details of the ID and cross-check with information provided on the intake form (correct name, DOB, address) and make a note of this on your file that it was verified.

Treatment Photo Policy
We must take ‘pre treatment’ photos prior to any treatments. If the patient does not want to take pre-treatment photos, we are not able to treat them.

Arrival Policy
Our scheduling is designed to permit the correct amount of time to complete your service. A late arrival will deprive you of treatment time. In fairness to others, your treatment must end on time. If you are not able to be on time we will do our best to complete as much of your treatment as possible, however with some treatments, it may be necessary to reschedule you. Please appreciate that we cannot adjust pricing for reduced service time due to late arrival.

Children Policy
To ensure a safe experience, we kindly request that children under the age of 12 are not brought to the clinics. This is due to the advanced medical equipment, sharp needles, and laser/light-based treatments that we provide, which may pose safety risks to children. Our staff cannot provide childcare and it is essential to maintain a secure environment.

We understand that there might be exceptional circumstances requiring you to bring a child along. In such instances, please contact us in advance for approval from the treating clinician and office manager. However, no exceptions will be made for laser, IPL, or other light-based treatments, or any procedure requiring patient safety eyewear. Additionally, please avoid bringing in sick children or other guests to prevent potential infection spread.

Please note, The Luxe Room will not be accountable for any injuries or accidents involving unsupervised children. This policy is a necessary step to ensure a safe, serene environment, contributing to a successful and enjoyable experience at our medspa.

The Luxe Room Denver: We provide validated parking to you in our adjacent covered parking garage. There is also 20 minute parking available directly in front of our building.

The Luxe Room Boulder: There is ample parking (covered as well as open) available directly in front of our building and is completely complimentary.

The Luxe Room Fort Collins: There is ample, open-air parking available directly in front of our building and is completely complimentary.

Patient Phone Use
To uphold our commitment to providing safe, precise, and undisturbed treatments, we kindly request that patients refrain from using their mobile phones during their service. This will enable our providers to focus entirely on delivering top-tier care and results without any disruptions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy, allowing us to maintain a clean and focused treatment environment.

You may be asked to remove jewelry for some treatments. However, The Luxe Room does not assume liability for lost or damaged personal items and encourages you to leave valuables at home.

Right of Service Refusal
We may reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for inappropriate behavior, illness listed as contraindications for services or as deemed necessary. The client also has the right to stop the treatments at any time. The Luxe Room assumes no responsibility for any disclosed or undisclosed illness or personal injury.