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The secret weapon no man or woman should ever be without... Yeah, it's Clear and Brilliant.

Rev up the radiance and keep early signs of aging at bay with Clear & Brilliant laser treatments at The Luxe Room.

A treatment who’s name is nearly as famous for the celebs it is used on, the Clear and Brilliant is an incredible facial resurfacing treatment for laser newbies and preventative pros alike. 

Clear & Brilliant is a gentle and effective way to fight fine lines, improve texture, fade hyperpigmentation, minimize large pores, and treat sun damage on your face, neck, and chest, And it works on most skin types!

Using a fractional thulium laser, each Clear & Brilliant treatment visibly smooths and upgrades your complexion while triggering the production of age-defying collagen and elastin—the perfect lineup for achieving and maintaining glowing, youthful skin.

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Days Downtime

Our Clear & Brilliant Treatments

Clear + Brilliant sessions at The Luxe Room are based on advanced laser technology, targeting issues such as general skin texture and tone, while aiming to improve overall healthy appearance & ‘glow’. 

For maximum flawlessness, we generally recommend undergoing a series of 4-6 sessions, 3 to 4 weeks apart. And did we mention that social downtime is practically non-existent? Your skin may be a bit pink for a few days after each treatment & have a sandpaper feel for a few days, but that’s about it for most! 

Though results vary, patients frequently report younger-looking skin and a radiant glow after treatment. Within a week or two after one treatment, your skin will star to feel softer and look brighter. Results can last for months depending on age, skin condition, and how you protect your skin.

Price: $400

Luxe Club Member Price: $380

Luxe Club Black Card Member Price: $360

Duration: 1 hour (including prep/numbing)

As we recommend coming in for 4-6 treatments every 3-4 weeks for Clear + Brilliant, we offer amazing savings when buying a multi-treatment package! 

Number of Treatments in Package: 4

Package Price: $1,440 (Save 10%)

Luxe Club Member Package Price: $1,280 (Save 20%)

Duration: 1 hour (including prep/numbing)

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Clear & Brilliant FAQ's

What is the treatment like?

The skin is numbed for about 20 minutes prior to treatment, making this treatment extremely comfortable! There is no ‘zapping’ as it’s a constant gentle rolling along the skin’s surface. You may feel just a little bit of warmth as the laser rolls over the skin. The Clear + Brilliant laser treatment takes about 20 minutes.

How many Clear + Brilliant treatments do I need?

In most cases, it’s recommended to have a series of four to six treatments for best results. Each treatment is about three to four weeks apart. From there, maintenance treatments of one, once per 3-6 months is an excellent way to maintain your results!

What to expect after Clear and Brilliant treatment.

Your skin may be a bit pink right after your treatment (day 0) and the day after (day 1). Remember, you CAN wear mineral makeup the next day, which makes the redness very difficult to see. By day 2, only a little bit of the redness may still be visible. On day 2 and 3, your skin may feel a little bit rough, but this isn’t visibly noticeable. Days 4-7, your skin is smoothing out and you can say HELLO to your ‘Clear + Brilliant Glow’!

Who can NOT have this treatment?

The Clear + Brilliant is customizable to any age group and nearly any skin type (yes, a laser that’s safe for all skin types!). However, you cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have an active skin infection, or if you’ve had a different recent skin treatment.

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