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Relax your mind & rejuvenate your skin with a Luxe Room corrective Signature Facial

Looking for a way to give your skin some TLC? Try a Signature Facial at The Luxe Room and revel in a zen-inducing, skin-reviving treatment like no other.

Choose from our exclusive lineup of luxurious signature treatments designed to tackle specific issues and meet your specific needs.

Luxe Maskne Facial: Target acne breakouts and blemishes with a gentle mix of a skin polish, steam, extractions, and a mask or light peel.

Luxe Laser Acne Facial: Tackle acne breakouts and blemishes with a strong mix of laser, steam, extractions, and targeted chemical peel.

Luxe Plasmatic Facial: Also known as the DMK facial, this is like no other! Rebuild and restore skin health from within. No downtime, just glow.

Luxe Dermaplane Facial: Tackles dull, dry skin and peach fuzz, leaving a radiant, healthy glow.

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Our Luxe Signature Facial Treatments

Signature Facials at The Luxe Room are always a  luxurious and relaxing experience. Each treatment is different by design, but they all deliver beautiful, glowing  results—without any downtime or numbing cream required!

Safe for all skin types, every facial is customized to meet your individual skincare goals and needs. For maximum results, we recommend scheduling a series of facials, ranging from 3-6 sessions.

Breaking out? Congestion? Oily skin? Need a quick fix with no downtime?

Includes a cleanse, skin polish, steam, extractions, a mask or light peel (depending on what your skin needs), hydration + SPF. Buh bye breakouts!

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $150

A 60-minute blemish-fighting facial designed to make you feel confident in your own skin again. The Laser Acne Facial consists of a 3-step process: Laser light therapy, steam, extractions, and a light chemical peel to kill bacteria, reduce redness, and reveal a clear, healthy complexion—with no downtime at all.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $300


A dramatically different treatment with dramatic age-defying results, The Luxe Plasmatic Facial is a complete skin revision process designed to rebuild and restore at a cellular level. Our estheticians work their enzymatic magic by applying a powerful, hard-setting DMK mask to the skin on your face, chest, and neck. The mask stimulates muscles and detoxifies from within to lift, tighten, tone and return skin to its optimal condition. Downtime is non-existent and results are progressive. We recommend coming in for a series of X treatments, X weeks apart.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: $350

A 30-minute exfoliating facial for smooth, glowing skin. Our Signature Dermaplane Facial tackles dull, dry skin and peach fuzz with a  3-step process: steaming, dermaplaning, and luxury mask or serum application. Zero downtime or discomfort (and zero fluff!).

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $100

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Luxe Signature Facial FAQ's

I have hormonal breakouts. Which is the best Facial for me?

I wish this were easier to give a one-stop-shop answer!

So interestingly, ALL acne is hormonal. But I know what you mean – how can we best target those deep, cystic lower face breakouts?

Though your provider needs to do an assessment in person to best target your specific breakouts, we often find that the Laser Acne Facial or Luxe Plasmatic Facial are going to be the best treatments to target those deeper pimples.

Don’t forget – skincare is SUPER important! Your practitioner can make specific recommendations for you.

I'm having the odd breakout. Which is the best Facial for me?

You can do any of the following, but our ‘quick fix’ best bets are the Laser Acne Facial or the Maskne Facial.

I just want a healthy glow and anti-aging facial. Which is the best Facial for me?

We hear you! Luxe Plasmatic Facial allll the way.

Wanting a quicker option? The Luxe Dermaplane Facial is a quick way to de-fluff and exfoliate your skin in 30 minutes.

How many Facials do I need?

If you’re having the odd breakout, one facial can definitely help. 

But as with most skin treatments, a series of at least 3 (paired with cosmeceutical-grade skincare and regular maintenance) is the best way to get true benefit.

Who can NOT have this treatment?

This depends on the facial, but with all four of these facials, ANY skin type/color can safely be treated. 

You cannot be treated if you have:

  • active cold sores
  • active skin infection
  • active skin cancer or radiation/chemotherapy
  • are on/have been on accutane in the past 6 months

Please let us know ahead of time if you have any of the following to make sure we have you booked for the safest option:

  • pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • keloid tendency
  • active skin infections
  • allergy to aspirin or salicylic acid
  • severe rosacea

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