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Welcome to The Luxe Room, the Denver,  Boulder & Fort Collins Med Spa and Aesthetic clinic that’s changing the game in aesthetics.

Specializing in injectable treatments which deliver stunning, natural results, our team of highly-skilled RN / NP nurse injectors and licensed medical estheticians are each trained in our advanced and proprietary techniques to enhance and maintain your natural beauty with age-defying procedures that give your skin and your confidence a natural boost.

Offering the most innovative and popular services on the market today, our Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins clinics together provide a team with unparalleled expertise in Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Lip Fillers, Dermal Fillers, PDO Threads, IPL Photofacials, Laser Treatments, SkinPen Microneedling, HydraFacials, Clear & Brilliant, Chemical Peels and more.

No matter what kind of glow up you’ve been dreaming of, our highly-trained team of nurse injectors and medical estheticians are here to address your concerns and help you achieve the stunning, natural-looking results you are searching for.

Ready to discover the new, refreshed and improved version of you?









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You, But Better...

Natural-Looking Results... Always.

The best aesthetic treatments are the ones that enhance your natural beauty, not the ones that make you look like you’ve had work done.

And here at The Luxe Room, we want you to look like the most beautiful version of you—healthy, well-rested and glowing, never fake, overfilled or overdone. 

How do we do it?

When it comes to preventative treatments and cosmetic injectables, we do things differently than other medspas.

Using proprietary techniques developed by Luxe Room founder and lead nurse injector, Danielle Mathers, along with continuous education surrounding the latest aesthetic innovations, we ensure all of our RN + NP nurse injectors and practitioners have the skills they need, to provide clients with unparalleled expertise and deliver naturally-gorgeous results that you literally won’t get anywhere else.

You tell us you concerns, and we’ll construct a fully customized corrective or preventative treatment plan to get you there.

We can’t wait to see you soon at The Luxe Room.

best lip filler injectors denver - boulder
Melasma treated safely with a series of VI Peels.

Filler, Botox, Sculptra, Laser, IPL & Threads
Before & Afters

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

We totally agree! 

That’s why we created our extensive gallery of gorgeous before and after pics. Take a look and see why The Luxe Room is Denver,  Boulder and Fort Collins most trusted destination for Lip fillers, Dermal Fillers, Full Facial Balancing, Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Injectables, HydraFacials, PDO Threads, Clear and Brilliant Laser, IPL Photofacials, SkinPen Microneedling, and much more.

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We understand you have a many choices when it comes to aesthetic clinics and med spas in Colorado and sincerely thank you for considering us in your decision. We welcome you to check out our extensive gallery of before and after results and of course, all of our Google reviews before making your choice. We hope to be of service to you soon.

We Will Enhance Your
Natural Beauty

Ready to look and feel like the most beautiful version of you? 

The Luxe Room is Denver,  Boulder and Fort Collins leading injectables and laser clinic home to Colorado’s most incredible injectable artists producing natural-looking results.

Book a free consultation at our Denver, Boulder or Fort Collins office to create a bespoke corrective or preventative treatment plan that’s customized just for you. 

Check our specials page to see our monthly Botox, Dysport, filler injectables, & skin treatment specials that are on offer in all of our Colorado locations! Initial consultations are always free and The Luxe Room cosmetic clinics offer free on-site parking to make your visit a relaxing experience from start to finish.

When started early, preventive aesthetic treatments will significantly reduce loss of volume in key areas of the face along with other visible signs of aging. Creating a long term plan is key and nobody does it better than the highly experienced Medspa team at the Luxe Room in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins Colorado.

Whether you are wanting to create a long term preventive injectable plan, or a one off corrective treatment to restore volume, replenish collagen or improve symmetry, you are in the best of hands at one of our convenient locations.

Have questions?

The Luxe Room FAQ's

Is there on-site parking at The Luxe Room?

DENVER: Parking is ample and free (just bring your ticket in to get validated)! There is a covered and secure visitor parking garage next to the clinic with enclosed walkway to enter the building.

BOULDER: Parking is ample and free (no ticket required). There is a covered visitor parking under the building with lift access to the first floor or lots of free outside parking within the building grounds as well.

FORT COLLINS: Parking is ample and free (no ticket required). 

Do I have to have a consultation before I can book an treatment or can they be on the same day?

It depends! If you are wanting to have injectables (like Botox/Dysport or Juvederm/Restylane), you can just book the treatment – we can do a consultation within your treatment appointment.

However, if you are wanting skin treatments or a more long-term treatment plan, it is best to book a consultation before treatment. This is because the incorrect treatment might be booked, meaning we’d have to reschedule your appointment to another day and the correct treatment.

As we age, our skin cells ‘turn over’ at a slower and slower rate. This can lead to dull skin, congestion, and other skin imperfections. By doing an exfoliating and skin-boosting treatment like HydraFacials, you’re encouraging your skin cells to turn over every month and cleansing out impurities. This encourages a healthier glow, decreased breakouts, clearer complexion, and anti-aging benefits!

Can’t get to your treatment monthly? That’s ok! Our clients generally report much more radiant skin with even one treatment!

All of our skin treatments come with a discount when a package is purchased, making your skincare routine more manageable and affordable.

Do you offer a monthly membership program?

Yes! We have two tiers of monthly memberships available, both offering amazing discounts and treatments included each month. Learn more here – https://www.luxeroomcosmetic.com/memberships/

Does Botox / Dysport Hurt?

Most patients will agree – nope! The needle used is teeny tiny, so most patient are surprised at how little discomfort they have.

Once I start doing botox / dysport, will I always have to do it?

NO! Botox/Dysport (neuromodulators) work by stopping or minimizing the movement of the muscles targeted (like crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines) for around 3 months.

This is what allows the wrinkles to smooth out. Once the neuromodulators wear off, the muscles start moving again just as they did before. The lines won’t be worse, and your movement won’t be stronger.

How much does Botox / Dysport cost?

This depends on your dose! You pay for exactly what you get, so no pricing ‘per area’. Pricing is ‘per unit’, which ends up being more beneficial to the patient. Botox is $12 per unit. Dysport is $4 per unit, but you use 3 Dysport units for every 1 Botox unit, so in the end, the total price is the same no matter which neuromodulator we use.

How long will my Botox / Dysport last?

This depends on the dose. Normal doses last around 3 months. If you are doing ‘Baby Botox’, expect the longevity to be slightly less due to a smaller dose.

Can I do a half syringe of Juvederm or Restylane, and does it have to be a full syringe?

We do offer half syringes but they are rarely done as most of the time, patients find this is not enough and end up doing another half syringe. Therefore, full syringes or either Juvederm or Restylane are generally what are used in the lips.

How much do lip fillers cost?

This depends on the filler used. Restylane fillers are usually used for the lips and range between $550 – $795. Juvederm fillers can also be used in the lips and are $550 – $795 for a full syringe. Your Luxe Room provider will be able to assess the right products for your lips and aesthetic goals.

Do lip injections hurt?

We use a very strong topical numbing cream that gives a surprising amount of ‘pain blocking’ during the treatment. Honestly, it may be slightly uncomfortable in some areas, but overall the treatment is very tolerable.

I’m very nervous to get my lips done – will they look puffy / ducky / fake?

99% of patients that come in to get their lips done all have the same concerns. They don’t want to look fake, they want their lips to look naturally larger.

The aim is always to make them look like a better version of your own lips, super natural an hydrated. Whether you want them to look younger, slightly more plump, more defined, or just have some asymmetry corrected, we will do our best to give you your desired natural result you are looking for.

Check out our before and after photos of lip filler to see for yourself!

Which provider is best for me?

All of our providers in all of our Colorado clinics are trained in the same way and all administer our propriety techniques that produce the natural looking results we are known for.  You can browse our google reviews and instagram page to see some specific examples from each provider. All are highly skilled at what they do and will be able to deliver the amazing results you are looking for. 

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