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Accentuate & Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Dermal Filler.

Dermal fillers and injectables are the new go-to treatment for restoring lost volume, enhancing features, and achieving a dewy, youthful complexion. 

Designed to plump lips, fill in hollowed out cheeks, smooth away wrinkles, and add subtle definition to chins and jawlines—these long-lasting, highly-effective injectables give you the subtle, natural-looking results you want—without surgery or downtime.

At The Luxe Room, we use a variety of best-in-class fillers and injectables, including Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Restylane Kysse, Sculptra, and Kybella. When you come in, our skilled medical estheticians will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan and select the right filler(s), based on your unique goals and needs.

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Our Dermal Filler Treatments

Here at The Luxe Room, we offer a wide range of HA (hyaluronic acid) dermal fillers from the most long-standing, well-studied, safe and reliable brands in the industry – Galderma (Restylane) and Allergan (Juvederm). Our dermal filler treatments are always performed by specifically trained, licensed medical professionals such as RN’s, NP’s, and PA’s with advanced knowledge of human anatomy and the most stringent of safety protocols.

Dermal fillers at The Luxe Room just hit different. They look more natural and feel more effortless thanks to our proprietary injection techniques and skilled practitioners who understand how to enhance facial structure, balance features, and keep you looking like yourself, just better. You can trust our team to deliver the natural-looking results you are looking for, in the safest way possible,

Restylane Portfolio We Use: Restylane Kysse, Refyne, Defyne, Contour, Lyft, Restylane-L, Silk 

Fun fact: One full syringe of filler is roughly the same volume as a blueberry!

Price: $499 – $800 per syringe/half syringe

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Juvederm Portfolio We Use: Juvederm Ultra XC, Ultra Plus XC, Voluma, Vollure, Volbella, and soon, Volux 

Fun fact: One full syringe of filler is roughly the same volume as a blueberry!

Price: $499 – $800 per syringe/half syringe

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Dermal Filler Before & After Results

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We understand you have a many choices when it comes to aesthetic clinics and med spas in Colorado and sincerely thank you for considering us in your decision. We welcome you to check out our extensive gallery of before and after results and of course, all of our Google reviews before making your choice. We hope to be of service to you soon.

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Dermal Filler FAQ's

What is the treatment like?

For Dermal fillers treatments Denver / Boulder, we will generally numb the area to be treated.  This leaves for a surprisingly easy treatment to tolerate. Another plus, most fillers actually contain lidocaine which is a great numbing agent.

How many dermal filler treatments do I need?

Great question.  This completely depends on what the goal is and what ‘canvas’ we’re starting out with. There are some outcomes that can be achieved over one session, but some results need multiple sessions of small amounts of dermal filler to give the most natural, ‘true-to-you’ results. 

What to expect after dermal filler treatment.

Common side effects are slight redness at the injection site, bruising, and swelling.  Some areas hardly swell at all (cheeks), while some may swell a bit more (lips). Luckily with dermal fillers, the results are instant, for the most part.

What is the aftercare for Juvederm or Restylane Fillers?

After your treatment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • DON’T TOUCH the treated area for 6 hours! We don’t want any infections.
  • No applying any product (like makeup or lip product) the rest of the day of treatment. Again – infection risk!
  • You can use a clean ice pack wrapped in gauze after your treatment – keep the ice pack wrapped (you’ll be numb so won’t feel how cold it is) and apply for up to 15 minutes every hour the day of the treatment. This will help minimize bruising and swelling.
  • No exercise or intense heat for the rest of the day of your treatment.
  • Don’t plan on doing invasive dental work for 2 weeks post filler unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t have any laser or invasive treatments to the area where the filler was placed for 4 weeks.
  • Do not use any lip suction/plumper device if there is any dermal filler in the lips!
  • It’s normal to start feeling tender in the areas treated shortly after. This can last for a few days but should keep improving. Tylenol is the best thing to take for this (Advil or other NSAIDS can increase your risk of bruising even after treatment, but are completely safe to take if you prefer!)
  • If the lips were treated, it’s normal to have quite a bit of swelling. This is usually most noticeable the night of and the day after your treatment. Ice packs and sleeping at a 20-30 degree angle will help improve swelling.
Who can NOT have this treatment?

Anyone pregnant/breastfeeding, anyone who’s had dental work done in the past two weeks (like tooth removal or implants), anyone who has had vaccines in the past two weeks, or anyone who currently has any type of infection or illness. 

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