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Danielle Mathers

Clinic Owner, Specialist Aesthetic Injector & Lead Trainer

Danielle Mathers is an Aesthetic Registered Nurse (BSN, CANS), Lead Trainer for The Luxe Room as well as a national GAIN Trainer for Galderma, and founder of The Luxe Room. With over 12 years of experience in the Aesthetic Field, Danielle has come to specialize in cosmetic injectables including Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, & RHA dermal fillers, Sculptra, Radiesses, PRF injections, & PDO Threads, with a major passion in creating beautiful, natural, perfection-driven lip filler treatments.

Her nursing career started in tropical Queensland, Australia where she completed a Bachelor of Nursing Degree at QUT in Brisbane, Australia. From there, she simultaneously worked in a Level 1 Trauma, Magnet-awarded hospital and an upscale, innovative Cosmetic Surgery Practice. Early specialties included laser & IPL therapies as well as acne & acne scarring treatments, but Danielle also has many years of experience in treating sun damage, pigmentation including melasma, redness, general anti-aging, skin tightening, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Her current biggest passion is cosmetic injectables. In 2022 & 2023, she assisted on-stage at the AMWC Conference in Monaco as well as the Aesthetic Next Conference in Dallas twice. In the past four years alone, she has trained with numerous prestigious industry leaders such as Dr. George Baxter-Holder, Dr. Steve Yeolin, Dr. Chris Surek, Dr. Anil Rajani, Dr David Saadat, Inna Prokopenko, Regan Brooks, (to mention a few) as well as a small-group training in Norway with the world-renowned lip master injector, Julie Horne. In Australia, she trained under Master Injector Dr Angela Richardson, and received additional training by Mike Clague, Professor Greg Goodman, as well as Allergan Master Trainers Dr. Sarah Hart, Dr. Vilma Di Maria, & Dr. Allison Jamieson. She regularly attends top industry conferences around the world and has participated in trainings for Allergan & Galderma Aesthetics.

Danielle’s #1 goal is to provide TLR patients with the most up-to-date treatment, perfection-driven techniques and skin treatment options at The Luxe Room with an extreme passion in stellar customer service.

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Lauren Sparks

Senior Aesthetic Injector & Clinical Trainer

Lauren is a Colorado native from Louisville, and moved back to Denver after spending quite some time in Texas. When not in scrubs, during the winter you can find her in the mountains skiing. During summer months you can find her belting some country lyrics at concerts or in a dog park with her adorable little frenchie- Sunny. Sunny is 8 years old, “She is the love of my life and the funniest little weirdo I’ve ever met! My heart and cheese are hers forever.” 

Nursing is Lauren’s second career and as she describes it, “the best decision I’ve ever made.” She has been an RN for 8 years, starting in acute care in adult Oncology. She has since been in aesthetics as both a laser specialist and cosmetic injector for the last 7 years. Lauren loves applying the combination of critical thinking and art. “A great injector understands this is not a “one size fits all” industry. There are many ways to accomplish an aesthetic goal, however, a knowledgeable injector will be able to achieve this goal in a skilled and beautiful way.” Her favorite skin treatment is IPL, she thinks it’s the perfect concoction for anti-aging and pigment correction. Her favorite injectable treatment is neurotoxin, “…because, next to therapy, it’s the best self-improvement tweak you’ll ever make!” 

Her current biggest passion is cosmetic injectables. Lauren has most recently trained with amazing industry leaders such as Dr. Jill Waibel, Dr. Steve Yeolin, Suzanne Rogers, Kimberly Welch, Regan Brooks, & Dr David Saadat to name just a few. She regularly attends national cosmetic conferences & partakes in a Colorado-wide injector mentorship program.

What is one thing that no one knows about Lauren? She can sing “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes” in Japanese, BUT her biggest fear is to sing in front of people so her only audience is Sunny!

See her work on her Instagram Highlight here –> @the.luxe.room

Morgan Quinn

Aesthetic Injector

Nurse Morgan started her nursing career in the intensive care unit, where she built an amazing foundation for patient care. She has since entered the world of aesthetics and has worked in the cosmetic industry before becoming part of the TLR team.

She loves partaking in continued education to ensure best practices and incredible results for her patients. She has most recently trained with Regan Brooks, Suzanne Rogers, & Kimberly Welch.

Her favorite part of treating is being able to connect with patients and help them achieve their aesthetic goals. “It is so fulfilling to see patients confident and happy!”

Morgan’s favorite treatment is dermal filler as she loves to say, “a little bit of contour and lift can be a real game-changer!” 

Nurse Morgan is native to Colorado and therefore knows all the best spots in the city! When Morgan isn’t injecting, you can find her hanging out with family and friends, partaking in game night and traveling. She is a connoisseur for yummy food and a glass of wine.

Even with her busy schedule she always makes sure to find time for some yoga sculpt!

One thing that no one knows about Morgan? She is one of 6 kids! (so you know she’s got a lot of patience.

See her work on her Instagram Highlight here –> @the.luxe.room

Jessica Gutierrez

Aesthetic Injector

*Se habla español*

Jessica is an NP and graduated with BS in Physiology at University of Arizona then BSN at Northern Arizona University and finally MSN at Grand Canyon University. She grew up in Peoria, AZ but has lived in sunny Colorado for 6 years now.

She has been mainly an ICU nurse (also PACU, IR, and preop) for the past 9 years, but has always had a love and strong interest for aesthetics. She decided to swap the IV poles for Botox and Filler and hasn’t looked back! Her artistic eye and gentle touch make her a natural injector.

Jessica’s favorite ‘outside work’ activities include camping, hiking, farmers markets, anything outdoors, spending time with her family, friends, husband and dogs. Now that she’s graduated university, her aim is to do more traveling!

Interesting fact: She has 11 nieces and 1 nephew, so she did a lot of babysitting growing up!

See her work on her Instagram Highlight here –> @the.luxe.room

Christina Williamson

Aesthetic Injector

Meet Christina Williamson, a proud Kansan with over 15 years under her belt as a seasoned nurse.

Her journey took her from the Cardiac ICU and Peds Neurology to PACU, but her heart found its true calling in aesthetics.

Christina believes in the transformative power of treatments, with a special penchant for cheek fillers and Sculptra. “Sculptra is a long game,” she shares, “but the results are truly amazing. And if you’re after an instant boost, there’s nothing like the glow from a well-done cheek filler.”

In her downtime, Christina is all about family and fun. Picture her running around with her three lively kids, aged 8, 6, and 3 – whether it’s a soccer match, a swimming lesson, or a travel escapade, they’re always on the move.

A little secret she harbors? A deep-seated love for baking. “From sourdough to cookies, I pride myself on crafting the tastiest and most beautiful desserts,” she confesses. Oh, and let’s not forget Clark, the beloved family cat.

For Christina, the joy of aesthetics goes beyond skin-deep. It’s about boosting one’s confidence and helping them face the world with their chin up. And when asked about her favorite skincare product? It’s a no-brainer: Skinceuticals CE Ferulic.

Yana Sise

Aesthetic Injector

Meet Yana, one of Denver’s Registered Nurse Injectors! Yana, who is originally from Ukraine, began her nursing career in the NICU at Children’s Hospital Colorado. If you’ve ever met Yana, you would know that her demeanor is exceptionally warm and gentle – the perfect bedside manner for the NICU! After several years in this position, Yana set her sights on the world of aesthetics, where her main goal is to create results that are seamless and natural. 

Yana has been an aesthetic injector for 4 years, but she also has experience in several skin modalities (including IPL, laser hair removal) making her a true jack of all trades. When it comes to her approach to patient care, Yana says “it is important for patients to feel safe when showing vulnerabilities, I want to create an environment that is friendly and non-judgemental”. Yana is always searching for ways to expand her knowledge and skills within the aesthetic world in order to offer her patients the best treatment options available!

Outside of TLR, you can almost guarantee that you’ll find Yana outdoors. Whether it be gardening, or hiking with her husband and daughter (and don’t forget her adorable pomeranian, Misha), she will always find a way to take advantage of Colorado’s nature.

Melissa Murray

Aesthetic Injector

Melissa brings over a decade of nursing experience to our team at TLR. Her journey includes working as a charge nurse and Aesthetic Injector at a renowned plastic surgeon’s office, where she honed her skills in delivering exceptional aesthetic results. Her diverse background in pediatrics, medical and surgical floors, surgery, and as a charge nurse in PACU, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of patient care, enhancing her ability to provide a holistic approach to aesthetics.

Melissa is dedicated to forming personal connections with her clients, carefully crafting custom treatment plans that aim to enhance their natural beauty. Her passion for aesthetics shines through in her commitment to boosting her clients’ confidence and achieving outstanding results. Melissa’s dedication to continued education ensures she stays at the forefront of the latest aesthetic practices, allowing her to deliver beautiful, safe, effective, and innovative treatments.

With a first degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Colorado State University, Melissa seamlessly integrates her nutritional and medical knowledge into her aesthetic practice, providing a well-rounded approach to beauty and wellness.

Outside of work, Melissa loves exercising, especially high-intensity interval training, and baking — her 9-year-old insists on a fresh baked cookie to end most days! She also enjoys interior design, updating her historic 1914 home, attending concerts and basketball games, and relaxing at patio happy hours.
Melissa looks forward to building strong, trusting relationships with her clients and helping them achieve their aesthetic goals with personalized care and expertise. Book a consultation with Melissa to experience her unique blend of professional skill and personal touch.

Kaylene Dawson

Licensed Medical Aesthetician / Licensed Laser Technician

Kaylene has an extensive background in the aesthetic world, she spent 6 years in dermatology and cosmetic surgery before making the shift to TLR, and we are certainly happy she made that change!

Her passion for helping others and restoring confidence in people sparked her interest in aesthetics.

Kaylene is originally from Phoenix, Arizona but ultimately made the move to Denver, after many years of visits.

Her favorite things about Colorado are taking advantage of the amazing hiking trails and paddle boarding on any water that she can find! If she didn’t live in Colorado, she would be living beachside in San Diego, sailing and spending her days on a boat (with sunscreen on of course)!

Kaylene’s favorite treatment that she offers is Clear + Brilliant and her favorite skin care product that we carry is SkinBetter Science Trio.

One thing that no one knows about Kaylene, yet…she was in a music video for the band, Zero Zero (HOW COOL!!)!

Kazzandra Santana

Licensed Medical Aesthetician / Licensed Laser Technician

*Se habla español*

Meet Denver’s Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Kazzandra “Kazz” Santana.
Kazz’s ultimate passion is for skin, she loves furthering her education on all things aesthetics. She is a licensed medical aesthetician who started her career in the industry in 2018.

Kazz comes from an extensive background with laser experience and RF and while you can find Kazz performing all of our skin treatments, her preferred treatments to perform are Clear + Brilliant and SkinPen Microneedling, “I love watching in real time the impact it has on the skin!” She is especially passionate about educating her patients on skin care ingredients and customizing specific treatment plans to improve their skin concerns.

One product she would recommend to almost anyone would be: SkinBetter Interfuse Eye Cream.

When she’s not in the clinic and snuggling with her 7yr fur baby Akira, you can find her swimming in the summer, watching scary movies at night or exploring hot springs in the winter. What’s something no one knows about her? She used to dance choreographed hip hop and absolutely loves to sing. Don’t ask her to sing you any tunes, she has stage fright!

When asked about her favorite aspect of working in aesthetics, Kazz responds, “My favorite thing is providing knowledge that helps correct and manage patients’ skin conditions. At TLR, we use a combination of treatments, skincare products, and habits to ensure the results last as long as possible. Each patient receives a treatment plan meticulously tailored to their unique skin goals. My passion for skincare fosters connections with people from diverse backgrounds, enriching their journey to healthier skin.”

Chelsi Lyons

Licensed Medical Aesthetician / Licensed Laser Technician

Chelsi Lyons, born in the scenic town of Gunnison, CO, possesses an insatiable wanderlust. Whether she’s taking a spontaneous day trip to the mountains or indulging in a week-long vacation in Cabo, Chelsi never misses an opportunity to discover new places.

With an impressive 19-year tenure as a medical esthetician, Chelsi’s passion extends beyond skin transformations. She deeply values the connections she makes with a diverse range of clients, immersing herself in their life stories and adventures. For her, every treatment is distinctive, as it can be tailored and blended with others to meet specific skin goals and outcomes.

Something you probably don’t know about Chelsi is that she once embarked on a month-long Moroccan escapade! Trekking through diverse landscapes, she embraced the nation’s culture from its bustling urban centers to its tranquil rural areas.

Family is the cornerstone of Chelsi’s life. She is a proud mother to two sons, Cade, 16, and Brody, 10. Adding to the family dynamic are two dogs with contrasting personalities and sizes: Penelope, a 5-month-old French bulldog, and Oriel, a 2-year-old Great Dane.The bond between the two dogs, despite their size difference, is nothing short of remarkable.

In the realm of skincare, Chelsi has a clear favorite: the Skinbetter range. “Choosing just one product from Skinbetter is almost impossible for me,” she admits, “I genuinely love them all.”

Nani Yim

Operations Manager

Say “Aloha” to Boulder’s Clinic Manager, Nani Yim. Born in Hawaii, Nani moved to Atlanta where she was raised before making the move to Colorado! In 2020 Nani set the cruise control and traveled west to Denver, where she resides with her boyfriend Clint.  Her favorite thing about Colorado is the abundance of sunshine. 

When Nani is out of the Boulder clinic, you can catch her on a patio enjoying a delicious marg! She loves finding food events around the city and sweating it off the next day with some hot yoga. Nani is unique in many ways- one of many is her full first name is…drumroll for this one…Leinaniokaopua! I mean how cool is that?!

Her favorite hobby is cross-stitching, catch her on her lunch break with needle in hand (different type than our practitioners are used to)! Fun fact! Nani’s boyfriend is responsible for the beautiful art that is displayed on her body. So, next time you see Nani make sure to take a gander at her incredible tattoos. 

Before joining TLR, Nani worked at another cosmetic clinic located in Denver. There she managed two locations. Since then, Nani has her heart set on aesthetics. What’s her favorite aspect? “I love how rapidly the industry is progressing! There are innovations being made every single day, and it’s so exciting to see!”

If she had to choose one treatment that she could never live without, it would be SkinPen Microneedling with topical PRP. Favorite skincare product? That’s easy- ZO SkinHealth Exfoliating Polish, she refers to it as “pure gold in a jar!”

Evan Vicchy

Patient Coordinator

Say Hello to Evan, our Denver Patient Coordinator.

Evan has lived in Colorado his entire life and originally hails from Littleton, Colorado.

His favorite pastime is snuggling with the love of his life, his cat Kim.

If Evan’s not cuddling with Kim, you can find him seeking new restaurants and reporting back to our team with whether we need to go try it out or not! 

Evan had not worked in aesthetics prior to joining our team but don’t let that fool you, he absolutely loves the science behind the procedures and sneaking a peek while our nurses and estheticians work their magic!

“I especially love the wide variety of results you can achieve and ultimately seeing those results throughout time!”

His favorite treatment is neurotoxin, one treatment and he was hooked. As for his favorite skin care product, that’s a no brainer- ZO SkinHealth Exfoliating Polish. 

What’s one thing that you wouldn’t know about Evan? He’s a lover of crystals- his favorite crystal is blue Kyanite!

Morgan Menard

Patient Coordinator

Our Front Desk would not operate nearly as smoothly without the help of our Patient Coordinator, Morgan M! You might hear from the moment she says “ya’ll,” Morgan is originally from Louisiana, Rayne to be exact!

She moved to Denver in 2021 to have more access to all the great activities that Colorado has to offer.

Outside of the clinic, Morgan spends her time snowboarding in the winter and hiking during the warmer months. 

Prior to working with TLR, Morgan applied her Administration skills to child care. She has since focused her skillset towards Aesthetics, her favorite aspect being progress photos and seeing before & after pictures! (We’re not gonna lie, that’s one of our favorite parts too:))

She was a treatment virgin before coming to us, the first treatment she ever received was lip filler and it has been her favorite treatment thus far! 

Being the southern belle that she is, she considers herself a true country girl at heart, she absolutely loves riding 4-wheelers. One thing that you might not know, but maybe could guess knowing more of Morgan’s background- she’s been frogging before!

Francesca Gudino

Patient Coordinator

Meet our Administrative Assistant, Francesca aka Frankie!  Francesca recently moved from Northern California to Denver. Francesca grew up in the Bay area and after attending school in Arizona, decided to move to Colorado.

As she is new to the area, her favorite thing to do, when she’s not manning the front desk on busy Saturdays, is trying new restaurants. Have any good recommendations? Send them her way next time you’re in!

Francesca worked as a school teacher before joining The Luxe Room. She has had an appreciation for aesthetics for some time as her cousin works in a cosmetic clinic in California. Her favorite thing about aesthetics is watching our patients leave the clinic, “with poppin’ skin!”

One aesthetic treatment she couldn’t live without is dermal filler. Her favorite skincare product is SkinBetter Trio, she loves the hydration it provides.

What is one thing that no one knows about Francesca? “If I could eat cake for every meal, I would!” 

Allison Figueroa

Medical Assistant

Say “Hello” to Nurse Danielle’s Medical Assistant, Allison (Alli) Figueroa.

New to Colorado, from Simi Valley, California, Alli is making sure to take advantage of all that beautiful Colorado has to offer. She enjoys hiking on the weeks with her boyfriend, Jacob and their adorable pup Cooper.

When she’s not in the office or hiking, she is at CorePower sweating it out or sifting through the rolling racks at all the best thrift stores in town.

Alli is definitely not new to aesthetics, she has been in the industry for nearly a decade! Starting her career in Adminstrative work and ultimately making the leap into Medical Assisting. She completed an accredited MA program and received her CMA certification in 2021.

She is the ultimate asset to our team and loves the ever-evolving aspects of the aesthetic world new technology, techniques, products and treatments. “There’s always something new to learn/improve upon & it feeds my curious spirit!”

While you can find her with the injectable all day long, her favorite treatment is microneedling and her favorite product is Alastin Hydratint. She loves the hydration + protection + coverage, it’s a trifecta!

What’s one thing no one knows about Alli? She never forgets a face!

Brad Mathers

Clinic Owner - Director of Operations

Hailing from Australia, Brad Mathers is the founder and owner of The Luxe Room group, leading the company and ongoing expansion endeavors as its Director of Operations.

Brad brings to The Luxe Room a wealth of knowledge and wide-ranging experience in business operations and marketing having previously run his own successful digital marketing agency both in Australia and here in the USA.

Brad’s startup mindset and proficiency in implementing unique growth strategies have been key drivers to The Luxe Room’s success and rapid expansion. His focus on crafting efficient business processes, innovative marketing strategies, scalable systems, and automations, has significantly enhanced operational effectiveness within the organization.

Brad is a devoted father to his two amazing kids and a loving husband to Danielle. Their shared journey, which began in 2007, has seen them explore over 30 countries together. These experiences have broadened their perspectives and enriched their lives in both personal and professional aspects.

These shared adventures have offered Brad and Danielle priceless insights, deepened their appreciation for the importance of delivering remarkable customer experiences, and reinforced their belief that prioritizing customer satisfaction is the absolute key to building a sustainable business.

Dr. Gregory A. Buford,

Medical Director

Dr. Gregory Buford is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is a nationally recognized expert in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and breast enhancement. In addition, he is a nationally recognized Master trainer for the Allergan Facial Portfolio and trains other medical practitioners in advanced injection techniques. He has also contributed his expertise in Plastic Surgery for media such as Vogue, E Online, ABC News, Fox News, The Aesthetics Guide, EMedicine, and many others. Dr. Buford is on Business Advisory Board for RealSelf, who have also named him a ‘Top Doc’.

Dr. Buford received his undergraduate degree from the University of California and his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine.  From there, he went on to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation to complete residencies in both General Surgery and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Following this, he achieved the prestigious Baker-Stuzin-Baker Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Miami, FL. In addition, he has since completed an additional Fellowship in Anti-Aging/Restorative Medicine through A4M as well as the Physician CEO Program at the Kellogg School of Management.